In the coming weeks and months Helium will be updated with new features that will allow merchants to accept payments for more types of goods and services.

If there is a feature you’d like to see in Helium, let us know below:

Feedback and Feature Requests


  • Dec 2014: Checkout now hides the tax total until the user enters their state into the shipping field.
  • Nov 2014: We have upgraded the software to support international shipping. Users can add a surcharge for any packages shipped outside of their home country. Additionally the checkout form is international friendly.

September 2014Update

GetHelium.com has been acquired from Freshplum by Helium Software, LLC.

We would like to assure existing and new customers that not only is Helium going to continue in operation, we have many new and exiting features planned for the service.

For the moment our focus is on exending the architecture to be more highly available and performant, and then we will begin working on product enhancements.

Planned Upcoming Features
  • Integration with Zapier.com to allow triggered events upon an order
  • International Shipping and Payment Options
  • Paypal as a checkout option
  • Donations: accept arbitrary amounts from visitors on your website
  • Invoices: send customers a bill for goods and services using an invoice generated in Helium
  • Sept, 2014: We have upgraded the server architecture to be more highly available and to be more responsive.

January 2013 Update

In the new year, we made the post-transaction experience easier for merchants by adding support for subscriber management and effortless refunds on orders.

New Features
  • Refunds: offer partial or full refunds on purchases when viewing a transaction in the Customers tab
  • Subscriber management: easily view and manage customers of a subscription product
  • Resolves an issue where sales taxes can display incorrectly at checkout
  • Resolves an issue where inactive coupon codes are still applied in a customer’s cart

December 2012 Update

Before the end of 2012, we simplified Helium account management and made it easier to view the sales stats of your business. We also added support for coupons and collecting state sales taxes.

New Features
  • Overview: easily view overall sales and the most recent transactions in your Helium account
  • Sales tax: allow collecting of sales tax from customers in the same state as your business
  • Coupons: create discounts for customers to use at checkout, such as free shipping, and percentage or dollar discounts
  • Improved Helium API documentation and clearer website integration tools
  • Improved merchant account security

November 2012 Update

In the days following the launch of Helium, we released an update to make checkout easier for customers on mobile devices, as well as a better post-transaction experience for customers of subscription products. We also added support for merchants without their own hosted websites.

New Features
  • Hosted product page: merchants can now sell a product without a website on a page hosted by Helium
  • Subscription management for customers: customers can easily manage subscriptions using a link in email receipts
  • Mobile shopping cart and checkout: mobile-optimized experience for customers viewing Helium-integrated websites from phones
  • Resolves an issue where the Helium shopping cart would appear incorrectly on some websites
  • Improved file uploading for digital products

November 2012 Helium Launch

Freshplum launched Helium on November 1, enabling anyone with a Stripe account to sell almost anything anywhere online.

Helium integrates effortlessly with websites, allowing visitors to pay using a credit card without needing to go to an offsite payment service. Merchants can easily create a custom shopping experience without needing to build their own e-commerce solutions.