Sell anything, anywhere online

E-commerce, sans-hassles

Helium lets you accept payments by credit card for anything you want to sell online. Open a store without having to build a custom shopping cart and checkout solution—Helium handles transactions, file hosting, order management, and more.

Subscriptions, e-books, etc.

Helium lets you sell a variety of goods and services—not just tangible products. If it’s a digital good such as an e-book or song, we’ll host the file. If you’re offering a subscription plan, we’ll handle renewals for your customers at the right time.

Reliably straightforward

All you need to get started is a Stripe account. Signing up for Helium is free and setting up your store takes minutes. We charge a flat 2% fee per transaction, in addition to Stripe’s fees.

Powered by Stripe

You’ve just set up shop

On-the-spot checkout

Helium allows your customers to pay using a simple form that slides in over your website. Without being taken to another page, visitors can pay on-the-spot using any major credit card. There isn’t even an account to create.

No website, no problem

While Helium integrates with websites effortlessly, one isn’t required to sell something. Product pages can be hosted on Helium, so all you need to do is email, tweet, or post a link to accept payments.

Mobile transactions

Customers can pay on your website not only from their desktops, but also from their phones. The checkout experience scales down beautifully on mobile devices, allowing quick transactions from almost anywhere.

Your go-to-market strategy

Set it and forget it

After signing up for an account and connecting to Stripe, there won’t be much to configure. There’s minimal information to enter, such as shipping and tax rates, if applicable. If you encounter issues, support is never far away.

Up and running in no time

Integrating Helium into your website is effortless. Paste a line of code in the source code, define shopping cart and checkout options for your customers, and add a Buy Now button to pages on your website where you want transactions to occur.

Flexible API

You may want a more custom shopping experience, such as interacting with the customer’s cart when certain events are triggered, or sending callbacks to your server. Helium’s API makes these things and more possible.

With Helium, customers can purchase products right from your website using a simple checkout form that slides in over your content. This is what it looks like.

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